Work out with South Central Tae Kwon Do
 Get the most out of a classical class format
Warm up exercise--Joon bee un dong
Three-step sparring--Se bon kyo reu gi
One-step sparring--Han bo kyo reu gi
Cool-down exercise--Chung lee un dong

Exercises and techniques presented as developed from the roots of Funakoshi, Gichin's Karate-Do. Kihone-Kata-Kumite

Available now: Classes, Clinics and Seminars, Camps, Associations and Affiliations, and Rank Tests.

Now in second printing, Tae Kwon Do Classic Forms: 21 Hyung--Novice White Belt through Advanced Black Belt by Ted Hillson; illustrated by Elizabeth X. Kligge

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA

For more information, contact Ted Hillson, Master and 8th Dan Black Belt

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